Online Craps Explained: Guide to the Craps Table

Online Craps Explained: Guide to the Craps Table

Online craps is growing in popularity, thanks to more gamers finally getting round to leaving the blackjack, video poker and roulette for a while – and taking a chance with the world’s coolest dice game! The truth is, craps is a refined, classic and powerful casino game, and it’s no longer merely the exclusive secret of the pro’s or Vegas gamers! Anyone can play online craps within minutes, and it’s sure to leave you wondering why you’ve waited so long to try it. Check out the craps basics and get gaming with a Vegas style………

Craps – The Magic Game of Vegas

Although games like video poker, roulette and blackjack get all the fame – Craps is the real king of Las Vegas! This classic dice game is a hit with anyone willing to try it out, and it’s the proud owner of some of Sin City’s hottest gaming sessions! In fact, lucky gamers have rolled world record winning streaks, featuring more than 100 winning rolls in a row!

Easy-play Craps Gaming

Thousands of online Togel4D gamers surf past the craps table without stopping to give the game a try. Generally, this is simply because they’re scared of the complex looking table, and think it must be a game reserved for pro’s! However, it’s a big mistake making this assumption, because craps gaming isn’t as complicated as you probably think – and what’s more, by starting off with a basic bet such as the Pass the Line wager, it instantly become super easy…..

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Play Craps With the Pass the Line Wager

> Surf to the craps table and place a Pass the Line wager (it’s on the perimeter of the table)

> Rolling the dice creates the following play-out scenarios for the rest of the round:

  1. Rolling a 7/11 on the come out play is a winning bet
  2. Rolling a 2, 3 or 12 is craps – unlucky, you’ve lost!

3 Any other roll creates what’s called a craps point. To win the round, you must roll the point again, before you roll a 7.

The benefit of focussing on the Pass the Line wager, is that it eliminates the need to worry about all the other craps options. However, while you can play craps by focussing on basic, good value bets – the chances are you’ll want to experiment and enjoy the exotic betting options. Naturally, trying all the bets with no experience could be either highly rewarding or blow your cash, so playing with free, no-deposit craps bonuses are the ideal solution to try it out risk-free. Make sure you look for no-deposit casino downloads.

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