Why is Online Craps So Exciting

Why is Online Craps So Exciting

For some reason, the game of craps doesn’t get the recognition and fame that it deserves, especially among online gamers (maybe it’s the name!) However, remember that in gaming cities such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, the craps tables are graced by thousands of pro gamers and lucky novices alike! What’s more, just check out famous casino movies and classics like James Bond to see the real glamour of craps.

The real questions is – should you swap traditionally popular games such as roulette, poker and video poker, for some interesting sessions in the craps arenas? The answer is probably yes – because you’ll end up with an amazing games, with cool advantages over other options. What’s more, if you desire one of the fairest casino bets in the world – look no further. Scroll down to check it all out.

Why play online craps?

The chances are you’re more than familiar with the likes of poker, blackjack and roulette – but what about craps? The truth is, there’s an array of reason why you should become a craps gaming regular:

  1. Just roll and play – everyone loves rolling dice, and that’s really all craps is – a dice game with a huge array of different bet types and rolls.
  2. Small house advantage – the best bets in craps have a low house edge, meaning you have a better chance of winning!
  3. Endless options – makes craps a very interesting game, with longevity and personal favourites.
  4. Skill play – craps is know to be responsive to many strategic system, many of which are freely available on the Internet.
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Pass the Line – the best bet in the casino?

What makes craps really attractive for gamers, is the fact that one of its most basic bets, have a very favourable casino edge – the Pass the Line Wager:

  1. Hit the craps arena and select a Pass The Line Wager
  2. If you roll (or the shooter does) a 7 or 11, you instantly win on the so called ‘come out roll’.
  3. However, if the first score is a 2, 3, or 12, then it’s game over (in other words, ‘Craps’)
  4. Any other roll makes a ‘point’
  5. Roll the point again before hitting a 7, to get a payout.

So, there you go – whatever your gaming level, you can try the Pass the Line bet in seconds! Surf around for some cool free strategies to use with the wager, and see if it brings you success.

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