Online Craps True Odds: Craps Odds Payouts Explained

Online Craps True Odds: Craps Odds Payouts Explained

Once upon a time I walked in to a seedy down down Las Vegas bar, to get a cool drink after a losing session on the roulette table – not an uncommon thing to do for recreational gamers visiting Vegas for the first time!

One old timer knew the score and once I’d chilled out a little, he whispered something that I’ve never forgotten – ‘if you’re going to play games of chaos, make sure you play with Free Odds on the craps table’.

Now – craps is the last place that most casual casino gamers look for simple casino tricks, but it’s 100% true – craps is an awesome casino game when it comes to playing advantage, and it’s not anywhere near as complex as most recreational gamers seem to think. Check out the unique power of the Odds bet in craps………

Craps for A Low Edge

Craps is universally accepted to offer the best odds in the casino – assuming you know where to look that is! In essence, the lower the house edge, the better your chances of potentially making winning moves, time and time again. The real secret of why craps can become an awesome gaming choice, is the concept of the craps table offering ‘true odds’, as explained below:

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Craps ‘True Odds’

Simply put – no other game asides from craps, allows you to actually place a wager where you are really gambling on the genuine statistical odds of success. So – only craps has the power to let you bet on a completely level footing with the casino! However, don’t think for one second that this is applicable to all craps bets, because some are bad news – with a casino advantage of around 16%.

What you need to focus on is the Pass the Line wager, and specifically the scenario in which you form a ‘point’ during a round. Once the point is formed, betting on the Odds Bet takes the house edge from 1.4%, to 0.4% (essentially a true odds betting scenario).

Many casinos like Togel Toto 88 allow you to place odds bets with a multiple of x2 your initial stake, but some venues have been known to offer x10 to x100 odds wagers! Craps games deliver progressively bigger rewards for odds bet wins, starting with 6 or 8 and progressing to 5 or 9 and 4 or 10.

Considering that even some the basic craps bets have some of the best odds available in the casino, makes craps well worth playing. When you factor in the odds bet – it’s pretty clear that craps probably offers the very best wager in the casino world. Today – I play a huge range of casino games from video slots to video poker and blackjack; however, I’ll never forget the haunting words of that ‘old skool’ Vegas gambler – and if I’m ever in a rut, you can guarantee I’ll turn to the craps table and the infamous odds wager!

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