Play for Free: Keep Your Craps Cool

Play for Free: Keep Your Craps Cool

Craps – one of the real stars of Downtown Las Vegas and increasingly a real favourite among smart online casino players. Few games have more betting options than craps, which has traditionally prevented casual players from taking up the game as one of their favourites. However, the Internet has revolutionised the game-sphere – making it easy to learn craps in the comfort of your own home; without distractions, fear of making silly mistakes and costly losing sessions. So – if you’re ready to bring a Vegas classic into your gaming repertoire – check out the simple tips to make it happen with ease……

Place the low-edge craps bets

Although many recreational casino players typically fail to give the concept of gaming-edge enough focus – it can make a huge difference to your bottom line in craps. For example – if I gave you the choice of winning with an 80% strike rate or a 40% strike rate – only the down right mad would refuse the 80% option! Taking this concept into a game of craps, some craps bets have a very low house-edge – meaning the casino will find it much harder to beat you, and you can enjoy significantly more chance of regular winning round:

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The most preferential craps bets are the Pass Line bets and Place the 6 or 8 – both of which have a housed edge below 1.5%. It’s also explicitly advisable to place the Odds bet if a point is formed during the Pass Line bet (assuming your casino offers the bet), because this can slash the edge to around 0.4% (as good as there not being one, well almost!) .

Avoid the high-edge craps bets

In contrast to the craps wagers mentioned above, we also have the bets that are not very advantageous to the player – and when used consistently will generally lead to the casino scooping a pile of cash. The number one craps bet to take a rain check on, is the proposition bet in the middle – which has an edge of 16% in favour of the house (no thanks!).

Play for free

The best way to master the craps basics and see the different bet expectations for yourself, is to play online craps with bonus offers, free-play chips or minimum wagers. This way – you can experiment to your heart’s content and never worry about playing the bad bets! You can apply your own systems and strategies, follow craps systems found on the web – and simply chill-out while you hone your skills for real-money craps gaming.

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Keep your craps cool

With a little smart game-play – craps can quickly become a gaming favourite, and one in which you can enjoy a fair and sometimes profitable battle with the casino. However – like all casino games, things don’t always go smoothly, even if you’re playing the low-edge wagers. The solution is to use strict session limits and level stakes – and stay as cool as a Vegas pro. With craps, you can hot a bad session, take a break – and soon find yourself on a hot run of winning shoots!

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