Craps Strategy: How to Win at Online Craps

Craps Strategy: How to Win at Online Craps

Craps is a game of chance and you will need a lot of luck if you are to be successful at craps, however there are strategies that craps enthusiast can use to increase their odds of winning and reducing the house advantage. Money management is an effective strategy for craps and for any other game for that matter, as it is reliable, safe and offers the best bank craps possible.

There are many dice rolling strategies that give you the ability to influence the outcome of a throw , however when under normal circumstances were you cannot control the outcome of the roll , the best strategy would be to shave the house edge by finding the game and the bets with the best house odds . This is a simple concept which works, and reduces the house edge considerably.

The best strategy would be to pick the best bets and avoid the worst bets. in craps there are certain bets that you can pick that give you the advantage over the house for example the Pass has a 1.4% house edge , the Don’t Pass has a 1.40% house edge , the Come bet has a 1.4% house edge and the Don’t Come bet has a 1.40% house edge . there are the bets that you will have to avoid because they provide the house with an advantage over the player for example the Field has a 5.6% house edge ,Big6 /8 has a 9.1% house edge , the Horn has a 12.5% house edge , craps 2/12 have a 13.9% house edge .

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The next step is to add the invisible odd bets to the best bets. in craps you will not find any odds bet area on the table layout because if there were any then the casino would lose its house edge .you should place odd bets on Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets after the point has been established and by placing a double odds bet you reduce the house advantage by 40%, and if you get a triple odds bet you can even reduce it further.

The shave the house edge strategy can be changed a bit for example you can limit your bets to Pass/Don’t Pass bets, and always make sure that you place the highest odds bets available. Place Come /Don’t Come bet on the highest available odds bets only when you’re in the lead.

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